Bitter Tears (jk, jk, jk)

11 Aug

cold brew is bettah

This morning Nina woke me up at the ungodly hour of 6:45am.  Okay, let me clarify quickly.  Normally for me, 6:45am should not be ungodly – I might even call it a refreshing wake up hour, when I’m in the daily rhythm of work, play, home and repeat.  But I’m not.  I’m unemployed, and despite my efforts to stay on a strict 9-5:00pm “work” schedule, after a few late nights of wine, too much laughter and the cozy cocoon of my dearest gal pals, Nina and Bec, the task of getting up before 7:00am to wish them goodbye feels wrong on so many levels.

They are driving away now, heading first to New York but then off on their great northern adventure, leaving me here in DC sleepy and sad at the empty day before me.

Enter my drug of choice and personal motivator:  iced coffee.

Iced coffee, whilst a must for any corner coffee shop or deli, seems to be confoundingly difficult to make for many professional establishments that serve coffee.  The Zoe of 4 years ago would understand, having never heard of “cold brew” coffee, but still partial to the cool morning jolt.  I do remember convincing a manager at the restaurant I worked at in Madison to allow me to brew hot coffee and cool it in the industrial freezer, serving it to desiring customers in beer glasses (yes, Wisconsin) once it reached lukewarm.   

So, I must admit to having contributed to the legions of terrible iced coffee.  No longer!  This stuff is stupidly easy to make and with the right bean will have sweet chocolate overtones.

Step 1.  Find a clean container.

Step 2.  Pour in (a lot) of coffee grounds, probably twice as many as you’d use for brewing the same amount of coffee hot.

Step 3.  Ignore overnight, 15+ hours is even better.

Step 4-6.  Filter it. Cool it. Drink it. YUM.

Try it and see!  Unlimited refills and everything, saving you lots and lots of money as you nervously drink three glasses and surf the web for job postings.  Oh wait – was I the only one doing that?


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  1. (Secret) Recipe for Summer Perfection « The People v. Picket Fence - June 22, 2011

    […] If you order iced coffee in a restaurant or shop, you are likely to be handed something that has been hot brewed extra strong, then chilled and poured over ice.  Or worse, poured over ice while still hot.  It may do the trick, but you are missing out on something glorious.  Typical iced coffee – bitterness – acidity + amazing flavor + easier-than-pie home brewing instructions = cold-brewed iced coffee.  We at PvPF have been cold brewing up a storm since last summer – Check out the recipe. […]

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