I just ate a worm, and it was delicious

30 Aug

First off, let me apologize for not providing you with photography to go with this image.  I am on vacation still, and my inherited 1997 point and shoot digital camera is MIA, and in any case refuses to do close ups.  So let’s dig deep into our imaginations and stand together in my parent’s orchard.

The air was chilly for the past couple of days, allowing the fall pears and apples to ripen and causing a few to drop off the loaded branches.  They are rotting on the ground currently, mixed in with parading daddy long legs, feasting ants, and deer poop.  Not a pretty sight, really, but I am picking up ones that are still all or half good for this afternoon’s cider pressing. 

While taking a break from gathering, I spied an apple on a branch within arm’s reach. So reach I did, and did not even pause to give the apple a finishing polish before biting it.

The sunny side of this apple is fully ripe and red, and the shaded side is green, these two colors match beautifully with the sweet and tart flavor juxtaposition that just doesn’t exist in commercial varieties.

This is a real apple and it just explodes in my mouth.  It is tart and acidic, and so thoroughly warmed from the sun that I can taste the apple pie potential.  With each bite is better than the last, and the glorious sun shining down, and the howl of Interstate 80 in the background, it starts to feel like a truly spiritual experience.  Then, I hit the wormy, wormy core.

Alas!  There is a reason that non-organic apples are coated in pesticides (and why you should thoroughly wash them before eating!).

But I am happy with my apple, and feel blessed to breath in this air, bask in the last of the summer sun, and enjoy my last few days in Iowa with the apples and the worms.


4 Responses to “I just ate a worm, and it was delicious”

  1. Emily September 2, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

    nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms…
    No, really, this is my worst apple-related nightmare. Ew.

    • Zoe September 3, 2010 at 7:59 pm #

      Even if they are organic worms, Em? It’s true, these apples are so wormy that I don’t usually take a bite but it was too irresistable!

      • Emily September 4, 2010 at 2:24 am #

        well, once you’ve eaten some of it, its hard for the worm to tell you whether its organic or not. it could be an inorganic worm that crawled under the fence and infiltrated the organic apple orchard. they’re wiley, those worms.


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