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“All By Myself” Remix: Food Edition (feat. hotdogs)

30 May


Dear Zoe,
So, here’s the thing: since Thursday I have been home by myself for what has been the start of a two week stint of solitude during which I ought to be packing up my house in preparation to move. So far, pitifully little packing has progressed leaving, as you might suppose, plenty of time for this sometimes food blogger to make trips to the grocery store or the farmer’s market (hello spring!) for prime ingredients to transmogrify into magnificent, single-portion meals. But yeah…no.
Rather, for the past four days, I have been taking time out from reading online news blogs and playing the same songs over and over on my guitar, to fix myself this lunch.
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I have a lot of questions for you, also some excuses, and also I made mayonnaise

26 May

Dear Bec,  Is there such thing as a vintage blog post?  How long would a blog post have to exist on a hard drive before it becomes vintage?  Is two months enough?  Is said blog post vintage if  it has only previously been viewed by a couple of private eyes?  I wrote the following insanity back in March.  March!!  It was sitting pretty, all ready to post every single day of these past two months when everyone was like, “Who’s turn is it to post again?”  And I was quietly filing those emails under “Blog” and thinking, “Tonight!  Tonight!  Post tonight!”  Well, anywhoo.  Things happened!  I quit my job, went to France, and started a new job! 

I was told yesterday, “Excuses make you feel better; reasons make everyone else feel better.”  I’m not sure if these count as reasons or I’m just making excuses.  Either way, let me resolve to reason with myself no more and post the post!  After all, vintage or no, any recipes yielded from wedding cake leftovers should be shared BEFORE the wedding, right?  xoxo, Zoe

Gin & Tonic & Uke "I've been too busy to blog"


PS:  I’ll see y’all in Cape Cod (Piece) later today.  I may have just peed my pants out of excitement.  (How embarrassing!)

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Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger with Chipotle Aioli

17 Apr

Dear Bec,

In the last couple of weeks, spring has hit our frozen tundra hard, causing puddles, bird noises, budding and a huge sense of relief for all us winter-haters out there.  Though no produce is yet growing here, the weather has giving me a plethora of motivation and inspiration.  The culinary idea slump from the winter has been replaced with endless ideas of how to redefine my weekly food menu.  Soups have been replaced by cold salads.  Oven-heavy bakes have been replaced by faster and lighter grilled items.  Summer grilling season is coming and this time I come prepared!

Love Jess

I love portobello mushrooms.  Sometimes referred to as the meat of all vegetables, they are so rich, juicy and flavorful.  They are also a good source of protein and fiber, making them a nutritious and tasty meat substitute.  Also, this particular burger cooks in about eight minutes (less if you use a real grill, not a broiler), making it a fast meal to throw together on hectic days.

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