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Just Add Wine Cocktail – Yields One Chichi Summer Outdoor Experience

20 Jul

Dear Jess,
Thank you and Shannon so so much for coming all the way down to Canada (down, technically, right? when you’re coming
from Minnesota to South-Western Ontario…) in order to celebrate the 4th with us!  Your  patriotic cynicism and Shannon’s grill-mastery made the evening.
After this excellent string of BBQ’s, which you anticipated in April with your Portobello Mushroom grillers, I am starting to feel, well, thirsty.  And while Coors Light and Molson Canadian may have been appropriate for an All-American, er, Canadian cook-out, our subsequent ‘cues have lacked a certain classy, refreshing, thirst-quenching element.
Thus, I dedicate this post to summer, to sparklers, and to you, dear sister, who always bring the culinary class!
Love, Bec

happy plants from the Spring enterprise

Earlier this summer Nina requested permission from our landlord to plant a garden in our back yard.  Three days of dedicated digging and fertilizing and hoeing (bow chicka bow…oh nevermind) and deliberating about how much space tomato plants really need and how deep the holes need be (no bow-chicka intended) we finally had 1/2 of the plants we’d bought in the ground.  The other half has remained in their seedling pots on our front porch until today which, for anyone keeping track, is JULY! Continue reading


(Secret) Recipe for Summer Perfection

12 Jun

Dear Bec and Nina,

Summertime is all about perfection.  And from what I saw of your wedding weekend, it fit the bill!  I am so happy for you…as happy as I was one recent sunny Saturday making jam.  And so, I dedicate this post to you: to love, to happiness…to summer perfection!

Love, Emma

When it comes to cooking in the summer, I like to stick to cold salads and other meals that involve minimal cooking heat.  But I regularly make one exception to my hot-weather cooking habits; when it’s time to preserve the summer’s harvest I set no limit to the number of giant pots I might simultaneously set to simmer on the stove top.  To keep things cool in the kitchen I like a cool breeze and an icy cold drink.  This careful ratio of hot water baths to cool relaxation is often elusive.  But one recent Saturday in May, I reached the optimum summer-time happiness ratio: jam-making, fresh apple cider donuts, cold-brewed iced coffee, and a beautiful summer day.

Summer Happiness in a Jar

Continue reading