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I am no longer in denial about the inevitable transition to winter.

3 Oct

Dear Emma,

I love picturing you out at Mary and Steve’s farm, horse-sitting. Despite the raucous cat-dog-puppy fight that I overheard, it sounded so peaceful – a warm end-of-summer-sun shining down over the fields and horses, turning everything golden. I miss home.   Zoe

Being from Iowa, I like to talk about the weather. Honestly, I don’t think it’s as dull as it sounds, (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, I rest my case).  But the past month, in Washington, DC the weather has been DULL. Day after day of gray compounded by an unrelenting drizzle of cool rain, and no spark of sunshine as a quick break.  September had no wild and windy thunderstorms, no cold snap, or heat wave, just weird mix of humid warm air, cool rain, and gray, gray, gray.

Gray, Gray, Gray

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Some like it hot; some are Londonites.

28 Sep

Zoe, you told me I would like Canada, but that’s cuz you lived in Montreal!  London is … something else.

I asked my boss, who was a semi-celebrity chef in Toronto for some years, where I could get a good bite to eat out in London. His response, and I quote: “HA HA HA.”

He then went on to describe the places that were the best value for the dollar.  In other words, there is no good food in London*, only better and worse ways to waste your money.

I mean, I grew up in Minnesota, which is no Texas, but the ‘HOT!’ salsa we bought at the store in London has zero hot peppers in the ingredients.  Mild doesn’t even begin to do this salsa justice.  It’s closer to flavorless, like drinking tap water in St. Paul: you can sort of vaguely taste something, but it’s not right.

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