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Bec, a People v. Picket Fence co-creator, hails from St. Paul, Minnesota, where brunch was a rare and confusing meal that seemed to feature dry bread and fruit salad made mostly of grapes.  Brunch did not win Bec’s love until she got to college in Beloit, Wisconsin where students would line up in the cafeteria to request eggs their way from the wonderfully surly Omelette Man.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature at Beloit College and a Masters in Education at Pace University, Bec dedicated three years to teaching middle school English at a neighborhood public school in Brooklyn, NY, where she was privileged to work with some of the most fabulous young people on earth.  Working upwards of 80 hours per week, brunch became a sacred time to create, relax and indulge.  The Saturday brunch ritual also led Bec to the secret of cooking perfect ‘eggs medium,’ which is the way she likes them whether poached, flipped or sunny-side-up.

Bec is in the midst of leaving New York and teaching (at least temporarily) for London, Ontario and a job serving fair trade coffee and pastries at Black Walnut Cafe.  She looks forward to trying her hand at bread baking this year, perhaps with some tips from the experts at Black Walnut and the Tassajara Bread Book. She plans to use time kneading to consider her next career move.  She’ll keep you posted.

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